Bedroom Decorating Ideas 2020 – Spruce Up Your Living

House renovation is incomplete without your personal place décor and setting. Yes, we are talking about your bedroom, the major place of attraction and relaxation for you. Are you stuck with the question, how to make your bedroom look awesome?

If yes, then this is the right place you have entered. Congratulations and welcome!

Undeniably, a contemporary bedroom is the dream of every homemaker. Therefore, we have compiled extravaganza ideas for you. Be it your big rooms or small ones, beautify them like a pro and spend your time there.

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How To Decorate A Bedroom – 14 Bedroom Decorating Trends 2020

Here, you can find both big and small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget:

1. Have A Small Space Storage


Mostly for small bedroom furniture, we often overlook the importance of storage requirements. However, storage is imperative. Thereby, we suggest you have small storage compartments made in your tv trolley (console). Also, you may have accent side tables that not only look stylish but are helpful as well.

2. Add Patterns And Prints For Liveliness

Aesthetic room décor includes bohemian charm, striped prints, and a lot of colors. To add all of this, you must have captivating pieces of bedsheets. Other than this, many interior designers have suggested adding art in your room either it’s abstract art or some DIYed paintings.

3. Corner Bookshelf For Readers

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One of the trendy bedroom ideas is to construct a corner bookshelf. Put your favorite collection of books there and show off your intellectual skills. Interestingly, you can also embellish your small library cabinet with string lights and small knickknacks.

4.  Lovely Yet Cozy Stuff For Rest


How to make your room cozy yet elegant? Don’t forget the relaxing corner chair or window-ahead seating area as it adds to the coziness factor of the room. Simple bedroom decorating ideas also include amazing cushions that you can put on your bed and the sofa even. Some other things that are a must are filled items like quilts or comforters that level up your resting mode.

5. Jewel Up With Intricate Decoration Pieces

Do you want to mesmerize your loved ones with eccentric ornaments? Of course, yes. Maybe you find some geometrically designed pieces of decoration and attractive objects for the purpose. Moreover, here is a quick tip for those who love earthy colors more than polychromatic hues, combine white and wood (means brown) and enjoy the peaceful zone.

6. Place A Platform Bed In The Middle

The master bedroom design should be different from the others. Consequently, many people opt for platform beds and comfortable yet luxury mattresses accordingly. The platform beds look astonishingly beautiful and elegant as you get a rich feeling on them.

 Pro-Tip: Make sure to protect your bed and mattress with a waterproof mattress protector. It is an understood fact that people munch food and have gulps on the bed who love to stay in their bedroom.


7. Long-tailed Houseplants For Window Sides

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Perplexed about how to decorate a room with simple things? Don’t worry! We have something interesting that actually holds the power to heal your mind and soul. As the heading says it all, we are talking about indoor plants. Furthermore, we recommend going with big plants instead of the smaller ones.

8. Floral Wallpaper Or Wall Art

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The bedroom design looks fantastic when you implement wall décor ideas fully. For instance, you may either go with funky wall paint or choose a floral wallpaper matched with your room’s theme from various stores.

 Pro-Tip: You can also go with wooden sheets for the wall to add a royal look.

9. Include Bold Headboard For Regal Look

Some good master bedroom décor ideas include the sturdy support on the back wall for the bed. Pull off the bed’s beauty with bold yet heavy headboards. Spellbind the guests with your fashion sense. Expediently, you can get it made according to your taste by keeping interior design trends 2020 in mind.

10. Accent Tables For The Entrance

Since the pandemic is ruling, precautions are better than cure. Therefore, it is suggested to style your room with an accent table right beside the bedroom entrance door. Keep your healthcare products there, so you can use them on-the-go.

11.Illuminate The Surroundings

Never underestimate the importance of fancy and elegant lights which enlighten the room with their lovely glow. Additionally, you can find various types of lamps for the bedroom such as you can place unique floor lamps in the corners of the room, or light up your bedside tables with table lamps. Not only this, but you can feasibly find ceiling lights that aid in creating a soothing ambiance.

12. Drape Over Throw On Bed

Never forget that the more you add articles to the room, the more it will look amazing. That’s why decorating your bed with a throw has never gone underrated. Sprawl some throw blanket on the bed in a diagonal direction and appreciate the decency.

13. Mini Room Theater For Movies

Last but not least, modern bedroom ideas also involve the mini room theater paired up well with the tv console. Yes, get everything inside your room and have fun. The room theater will allow you to binge-watch any movie you want.

14. Don’t forget Colorful Rugs Or Carpets

Make sure to cover your floor with a cliquey carpet or go with a small colored rug to enhance the beauty of the corner. Interior designers never let you complete the revamping process until you have a good piece of carpet or rug involved in the room.

End Note

In a nutshell, we have elucidated some DIY bedroom makeover ideas and some other exceptional tricks to satisfy our lovely readers. We really hope that these amazing tips would help you get through the problem you might have been facing for ages. Lol!

Good luck!